No single entity, organization, or agency can solve the climate crisis, but EPIC is designed to bring us all together and mobilize citizens from all corners of the world to become better guardians of the planet and its people.

"Climate change" needs


across every community on earth.

We need a Whole Earth Approach

EPIC is working with the biggest brands, leading creative agencies, and most prolific channels in the world to create a “campaign for all of us, including all of us.” We call this The Most Important Brief.

We Are On a Mission

to harness the full power of global communications to ensure everyone on Earth can impactfully engage with vital information, science, and solutions to preserve and guard our global commons.

To Create

a world in which media and storytelling inspire action at scale to accelerate the transition to a safe and just future.


“A lot of communication about climate change gets it right about the risk and possible negative scenarios, but wrong about how we move people to action. It appeals to reason, but everything we know about communication tells us reason  is not what drives human behavior. It is vital we overcome this challenge and find ways to not only communicate the science,  but mobilize public support for action and solutions.”

A New Era in Climate Communications

A collaborative effort spanning +60 contributors and organizations developed by the New Zero World in partnership and with the support of the Global Commons Alliance, this digital hub brings provides and in-depth look at using science and creativity to re-imagine and rework how we communicate about the climate crisis.

Join the Collaborative

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